Safe phylogeny
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The safe is thought to originate at Europe, the safe at that time just uses the strong thick wooden case that iron hoop band wears, the sample of box of this kind of old wood still saves Yu Ying country Chichester cathedral (Cathedral Of Chichester) . It has 9 feet long, 2 feet tall, 2 feet deep, by 2 inches large board is made, have 1 about, 0 years of histories. This is keep probably up to now the safe with the longest history. In mediaeval European paint, also can see gem of bullion of a kind of Cheng Fang now and then, the metal includes the woodiness a cupboard that also serves as a table of the edge, this is the rudiment of the safe.

Till the 19 centuries about 200 years ago first, as the growth of wealth of society, the safe had actual market demand, the firm that Europe makes a lock technically begins to change a safe to the industry 1818, chubb lock and safe production factory hold water in London. 1825, french FICHE-BAUCHE company holds water, these manufacturers begin to make a safe subsequently. 18 centuries are terminal, aberdonian Carron Co. Begin to make cast-iron case and bookcase with the Coalbrookdale of England. This is metallic safe is inchoative, but the joggle technology of carpentry of main continue to use or whole are cast, no matter reach craft to go up from the exterior with the furniture similar at that time, the exact rate of lock is very low.
Inchoate the main user of the safe that commercializes production is a bank, archives of insurance company, government reachs a business organization. Safe by cast-iron make, use riveting and joggle technology to finish, cast-iron rib is joined in casing and door (the door or make alone) , in order to increase strength, safe exterior and Suo Shuan are seemingly powerful besides, lock and orgnaization are relatively simple however, so the safe at that time just is a few seemingly strong iron cases, door plank ply is 1/2 commonly inch (12 millimeter) .

At first the safe does not have fire prevention function, fire damage makes people realizes the value of fire prevention function. In 19 centuries inchoate, appeared fire prevention safe, material is to had immersed character the wood of alkaline salt solution; Be in about 1827, british Thomas Milner (Milner once was England manufacturer of the biggest insurance) begin to make layer of a kind of inside and outside all be made by latten and iron plate, between layer of inside and outside fill reachs the material of blame thermal conductivity of aluminous mixture composition by hardwood, sawdust, this is considered as the most inchoate fire prevention safe, but have fire prevention function only, do not have effect of guard against theft. Can say, of ark of insurance against theft and fire prevention safe develop at the same time almost.
18 centuries end comes 19 centuries end, if England appears the following and famous safe manufacturer early or late like emerge: 1795, e.Tann&Sons 1818 year, chubb lock and safe manufactory hold water in London, but produce lock only at that time, and by Tann acting labour makes case and door, chubb established his safe production factory in London Smithfield Cowcross 1836.
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