What the safe puts is geomantic and no-no
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There also is a safe in every other people. No matter be right mix 10 thousand, just still be a box, this money box placed your passport, bankbook, money reachs all sorts of property. The position that this money box puts, cannot show light. I ever looked one geomantic, hope to come continuously from the gate master room, the corner that sees master room has mix 10 thousand, this is wind of money box dew, be seen on behalf of the secret, easy suffer unexpected personal financial losses, because the position of this cashbox must concealment more,had healed. Although you one person is resided alone, also want to had collected money box, had better put inside ark, be aware of by someone else. Every money case appears, all make do not get together money talking.

Of money box it is very important to put, because fortune is everybody,also go after. The money in putting money case in the home, can urge flourishing to reach enhance money fortune, there also is this important place in every other people, you must search.

The money of a house, but according to house itself sit to computation, everybody should study flying heavenly body, consult please " the first book of water of style of study " , the money in already introducing how to locate the home in detail in the book. How to if you are not known,locate messuage money, beardless and disappointed, because I teach everybody crash method immediately, it is the fleeting time with annual basis flying star, can find out place clip 10 thousand or the optimal position of money box.

Money of each years, at each years get the better of inside already made the introduction. 2 5 years 00, there is star of 8 white moneys to fly south face, in putting money case one this year in the home inside southern chest, it is optimal strategy, can press flourishing money bit. 2 money stars of 6 years 00 are located in north, 2 money stars of 7 years 00 are in southwest square, put money case in the southwest inside the room square, but star of money of come true fleeting time, if sleep,the room also is in southwest square, the effect that enrol money is much better.

If money box is clip 10 thousand, place 10 thousand number to be able to decide according to itself with the god. If wanting fire, can use 3 or 4, the word that wants wood is optional one, 2. If wanting gold, use 7, 8. If wanting water, use 9 with 0. This is the swiftest method, regard money box as number with suitable number, can make sure money box has lucky travel, increase the capacity that enrol money.

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