Must the safe want to there is CCC(3C) attestation?
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The Ministry of Public Security of safe product classics detects the center detects accord with GB10409, 2001A state level!
The product can prevent hammer to be bungled, carve stannum.
Golden city shop sign ark of insurance against theft is product of certificate of proof of the Ministry of Public Security. 2, deploy company of S&G of 3 United States, LG to make, through the United States " UL " the belt of attestation lock of key machinery password, have 4 rotary table, password combination is 100 million, the basis needs to still can be deployed. [The product introduces] : Safe of general of iron of high density city factory, it is the mainstay business that classics the Ministry of Public Security and the major that save a Public Security Department to approbate produce a safe. Product registered trade mark is " marshal " card. Equipment of cabinet of ark of main production safe, gun, file, banking, report teachs. Always deal the series product such as door of safe, exchequer detects through center of quality inspection of national the Ministry of Public Security eligible. Company multinomial product obtained authority of the quality on the international such as the United States, Europe to detect orgnaization attestation, especially fire prevention safe is current country is only.

CCC attestation is namely " Chinese compulsive attestation " , its English name is " China Compulsory Certification " , abbreviate is CCC. The mark of CCC attestation is " CCC " , it is national attestation recognizes basis of supervisory management committee " mandatory product certification management sets " (quality of nation of People's Republic of China is supervised examine quarantine total bureau makes the 5th) those who make.