Safe (box) it is a kind of special container
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Safe (box) it is a kind of special container, according to its function main component is fire prevention safe and ark of insurance against theft, antimagnetic safe, safe of fire prevention antimagnetic is waited a moment.
Safe of avery kind of has its state level. Before the safe on market is more two kinds.

According to different password job principle, ark of insurance against theft (box) can divide again be sure for mechanical insurance and electron two kinds, former characteristic is the price compares petty gain, function is more reliable. Inchoate safe (box) it is mechanical safe for the most part (box) . Electronic safe (box) it is the electron that controls the intelligence such as card of electronic password, IC fashion the lock applies a safe (box) in, its characteristic is to use convenient, use in guesthouse especially when, need to often change password, because this uses electronic password safe (box) , more convenient.