The development history of world safe
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The history of the safe is OK restrospect to is mediaeval.
In mediaeval paint, can see one kind fills the woodiness cabinet that puts bullion jewel now and then, this is the rudiment of contemporary safe. The 18 centuries way that for France FICHE-BAUCHE of manufacturer of famous danger ark is modelled on is easy the woodiness safe of the gem of Cheng Fang bullion of 15 time. Furniture of be similar in shape of this kind of safe, without special lock, security is inferior. Till the 19 centuries 200 years ago first, as the growth of socioeconomy, safe industry begins to develop, appeared to make the firm of the lock technically in Europe. 1818, british CHUBB company holds water (after nearly 200 years today, CHUBB already became safe industry leading authority) . 1825, french FICHE-BAUCHE company establishs these …… manufacturers to begin to make a safe subsequently. The material of the safe already was all sorts of solid metals by wooden qualitative change character, but basic cast with the joggle technology of carpentry of continue to use or whole, no matter reach craft to go up from the exterior with the furniture similar at that time, the exact rate of lock is not high also.
19 centuries the lock line of business of 50 time later period is still underdeveloped, although the safe exterior change quickly at that time, but lock nicety and reliable degree all do not have great progress. 19 centuries 60 time later period, the lock orgnaization that American invented a safe to use reachs technology of much lock bolt, the safety performance of the safe just had greatly promotion.
20 centuries 669 time because the change quickly of semiconductor technology, industry development goes electronic password to lock up, electronic password lock also uses the safe product at all sorts of types extensively. Later show number of LED, LCD again in be being used at the safe, the user is ecbolic also to fireproof demand product of of all kinds fire prevention, dactylogram scanning identifies technical development to promote dactylogram lock to be applied mediumly in the safe again, the popular derive of magnetic card …… of safe of magnetic card type and the line of the products of the safe, with at the outset the simplest function develops guard against theft, fire prevention, guard against theft / fire prevention, antimagnetic, family expenses, business is used, the hotel is used, firearms is used, file / the sort that can surpass number data scarcely.