200 thousand dynast acts the role of golden inn value to had been escaped to rob
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Last morning 8 when make, gan Mou comes to the some gold inn of benevolence birthday county as usual, preparation opens the door do business. Suddenly, the rolling door that he discovers golden inn by person prize. After agog ground pulls open a rolling door, he is dumbfounded on the spot —— puts the absolutely empty of a bar that has headgear, value makes an appointment with 200 thousand yuan headgear to disappear without trace!
Accident golden inn is located in Laona street of benevolence birthday county. Yesterday afternoon, when the reporter hurries to the spot, a lot of citizens still are commenting in succession. 3 glass bar is shared in golden inn, besides lean into the door outside there are silver act the role ofing and jade article in a right bar, the absolutely empty in additionally two bar.

Gan Mou says, yesterday morning 8 when make, draw out in him when the key prepares open rolling door, discover a rolling door suddenly and do not have clingy ground, appeared the aperture that ground of a distance controls 4 centimeters. In “ my heart one close, reckon the door is crossed by person prize! ” Gan Mou says, ground of his in fear and trembling hauled a rolling door, the setting confirm in inn in his conjectural —— inn in disorder one piece, into door be placed in the middle the headgear that puts in that bar disappears without trace entirely. The goods in that bar wants “ be worth 200 thousand yuan! ” Gan Mou says distressedly, put in bar adorn article basically be platinic gold, gold and palladium gold to act the role of article, enchase partly among them have diamond, market price is worth 200 thousand yuan about. Besides the headgear in bar of the be placed in the middle in inn by pilfer outside, the safe of golden inn also has by the trace of prize, it is the safe was not levered only, the headgear that installing inside, cash safe and sound. This is “ the very lucky in misfortune! ” occupies the introduction, the headgear finished product in the safe and old stuff, and value of cash total prices is controlled in 300 thousand yuan.

Current, local police already launched investigation.