Install safe is public security innovation to lift for student dormitory
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Recently, 10 thousand lis of institutes give peaceful wave Zhejiang student living quarter installed 80 safe. Say according to concerning a report, 10 thousand lis of institutes are in after seeking an opinion extensively, already installed a safe each to 80 students that sign up at present, this semester can avoid these students cost try out, begin collection from next semester annual 100 yuan hire cost.

Classmates are gay to this action. Some students say: “ puts a lot of ready money on the body insecure, take some of cash to be put in safe, do not give the word of the school gate, take bit of pin money everyday but. The safe that ” installs according to saying to be a student this basically is used at the valuable such as camera of custodial notebook computer, number. A few students express, they still can block a few certificate, bank wait for fundamental goods to put safe inside.
To the personage inside this course of study the analysis says, giving a student to rent safe is a kind of both sides freewill paid commercial act, its jumping-off place is to ensure the belongings safety inside student dormitory. But the student lives a dormitory to want to pay the school accommodation fee, so the student is mixed between the school formed fixed consumptive contract concerns, learn to proofread person of the student inside protective dormitory and belongings safety to should use up corresponding obligation. If student dormitory have things stolen, school agree carries due responsibility, unless the school can prove to already used up corresponding protection responsibility, and dormitory have things stolen is mixed inevitably cannot foreknow.
In fact, most college won't offer such safety to assure to the student, once student dormitory produced the event of missing valuable, also offer economy compensation rarely, do not have which student to dare accuse ” of school “ break a contact to the court accordingly more.
State of public security of a tall intramural how, expression of not certain have to has in campus fight affray perhaps has the member that do not have outside school person mobbish phenomenon, send mostly actually case at condition of “ breathed ” namely in theft incident. The bicycle is being lost in the college nowadays is not new issue already, kill so that a lot of students run to buy the bribe car that thief comes to secretly socially actually. And the phenomenon of the valuable such as missing inside college student dormitory similar computer, mobile hard disk and digital camera in recent years much also rise, there is outside school to constituent personnel is slipped into already among this commit the crime inside school, also have what with the personnel inside school executive collaborate from within with forces from outside commits the crime, your person feels impossible to defend effectively. Although the school has adopted a lot of is on guard measure, include to be deployed inside student dormitory bring the bin of the lock or electronic eye is installed in corridor, gate, but effect is not big. Serious reality, press we must attention of try every means administers college public order, be on guard especially larcenous problem, include how to solve the safety inside student dormitory to be on guard through technical measure among them difficult problem.
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