Toward where is valuable put? Safe market does igneous family business!
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Mention safe, what most person thinks of is the cabinet of chunk head metal that is put in bank, office, very far from the family. And in fact, the growth of economic standard makes citizen family rapid to the demand of the safe rise, the home has the citizen of valuable to begin to consider to buy a safe, brand of a few saves also transformed management strategy, sale alignment family. The ” of “ family business of the safe does more prosperous more.

Ms. Li just bought a safe recently, feel special to go to the lavatory, she says: Feel the bullion headgear in the home was not in before “ put, throwing casually in the drawer too insecure, two metal bars were bought again for investment before the Spring Festival, flat flower 3000 multivariate bought a safe, design is quite beautiful, still have double insurance lock, do not be afraid that prize is not afraid of baked wheaten cake, now of husband collect taste and important file also is put in. ” marriage sends a safe to also become a kind of fashion, the friend of Mr Wang marries, do not know what to send, recommend in others below, the safe that bought a red sends, color is very festival, the implied meaning gave love to go up to be sure, newlywed person is very happy, say this thing is interesting practical, the valuable in the home has after place put.

As we have learned, the safe takes a family in great quantities begin from last year. Last year the valuable in citizen hand, bond kind investment is tasted rise more, collect article also rise more, increase to the demand of the safe, choose and buy an appropriate safe is included a plan by a lot of families. The safe in mansion of business of Fuzhou road culture is monopolistic place, the reporter sees, the safe is not the machine-made inflexible face a few years ago already, increased to suit fashionable element of the family more very much however, color rises more, red, white, blue, black have, can the color form a complete set with furniture; Very diversiform also on design, the size of a small safe resembles a microwave oven. Xiaoyu of this inn assistant says, begin from last year, the family buys the scale of the safe to exceed an unit to buy with each passing day, accordingly they had regarded main sale object as the family, preparation makes sales promotion more this year, let more saves take a family, family expenses safe gradually fervent rise.

The personage inside course of study says, brand of the safe on the market is not little, but the good and bad are intermingled of good and evil people mixed up, the rolled steel that card of a few essay packed concrete with the fill intermediate even acts as material is qualitative, going up objectively reduced assurance coefficient. Because this expert suggests to think the citizen that buys a safe must ramble to look more more, pick good brand, buy ability of high grade product to be sure to arrive home.

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