Urumqi safe business warms up
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Dispatch of day hill net (reporter deal with reports) recently, presence Urumqi the client of basement of a bank rises much more suddenly.

The reporter is versed in from Urumqi travel, medium the commercial bank knows town of travel, Urumqi, stem from safe consideration, a few citizens choose the family precious belongings is deposited keep in the bank that is not afraid of an earthquake box, the safe business of metropolis also warms up subsequently.

Travel Xinjiang branch is in charge of keeping the chief of box business says in, recently this paragraph of time, can receive 34 advisory telephone calls everyday, before one day can receive pretty good. And come to 3 do the person of business to be able to have two everyday, a week just welcomes 9 customers previously. “ opens the client of box every to be able to ask, earthquake of a few class can your custodial box fight? See custodial case even carefully finally, expert is knocked, feel the ply ” of armor plate.

Chief of department of accounting of business ministry of branch of Xinjiang of industrial and commercial bank says, after seismic happening, this client that opens box newly not only questions aseismatic level, the old client of 80 % also raised same question.

The custodial box business of commercial bank big Ximen Zhihang also broke Urumqi city noiseless. On May 30, chen Jianxin tells this controller that is in charge of this business the reporter, call recently the person that consults custodial box business increased 20 % , “ still had a client to come yesterday new case, in waiting for the bankbook in the home to put custodial case ” .

The reporter understands, the custodial box that at present metropolis bank rolls out is 5 kinds by size cent, year custodial charge arrives to reach 500 yuan in 150 yuan greatly as a child between. Besides, every case pays 300 yuan of right-and-left earnest money even.