In south university property is pushed " student safe is rented " service
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The valuable such as computer of card of camera of the mobile phone that at present the undergraduate has, MP3, number, bank, notebook is increasing, student apartment steals a case to happen from time to tome. The property of good for cogent protection wide undergraduate, compose builds restful, harmonious campus environment, in south the university guards management center of place, property to introduce a student jointly custodial box, face a student to provide the service that rent.

Through the promotion of a few months, in south the campus takes the lead in throwing more than 100 when use custodial box to did not discover any quality problems, plus the charge that rent cheap, the accord that is defended a department by student and school is approbated, reduce effectively school guard place, apartment to manage square actuating pressure, the valuable such as certificate of other people of notebook computer of the student, mobile phone, money had on the safe side deposit place. At present property center advocate each property service ministries are in campus, railroad campus, Hunan elegant campus to be sure this (canal) the box business that rent is popularized in the round come.

Infrared ray is introduced to call the police inside apartment of student of this school part oneself after the system, this “ student safe rents what ” serves to roll out, already augment the service range that apartment property can offer, make again of apartment guard the job to be prevented in ability on achieve new breakthrough.