Two colleges dormitory installs Hangzhou safe 370 yuan but hire 4 years
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In new Zhejiang net favorred on July 1 in electricity school dormitory by thief “ ” impossible to defend effectively, the regular meeting when the notebook computer of classmates disappears without trace, add on one “ to be at ease for valuable lock ” , safe is asked by “ ” matriculate dormitory, already became ” of new “ actor's costumes now.

Afterwards coulds there be after 10 thousand lis of institutes and a division of short for Zhejiang Province are old, a few days ago, hangzhou also has two colleges to be in student dormitory mount safe.

A safe 370 yuan but hire 4 years

Yesterday, the reporter walks into dormitory of division of life of Zhejiang medium college a building 5 buildings, knock noisy big the bedroom door that one student Zhong Dan establishs. Took the door, the reporter did not discover the safe in “ fabulous ” , see the reporter of one face doubt, dan Lixiao wears the bell pull open a chair, point to computer desk lower part with the hand, original safe is to use special bolt impending and fixed in foundation.

“ position concealments have two profit, do not affect dormitory whole beautiful; Confidential sex strong, when be defeated by a password although the closest roommate also looks,be less than. ” Zhong Dan stands say.

Before paragraph time, xiaozhong has to know to be able to be in apply for to rent safe in the dormitory, then, he calls designedly mom of ask for instructions, “ my Mom supports very much, still urge I do quickly. Compare with valuable photograph, hire of 100 the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor is penny. After ” , he signs the agreement that rent, one-time pay hire of 4 years 370 yuan. One week later, manufacturer comes to install.

As we have learned, in Zhejiang medium institute and dormitory of colleger of Hangzhou profession technology, the first batch of safe had been installed end, many 100 student had him appropriative safe, among them, big one student was occupied 60% .

Case by prize compensate of insurance company manage

The hire of safe ever aroused great controversy, apartment of Zhejiang medium colleger manages flourish of mess things up of company assistant manager to say, since hire, want to collect fees for certain, nevertheless, below the effort of the school, manufacturer gives a student preferential price. It is with “22 ” exemple, the first year 100 yuan, and year after year is degressive 5 yuan, and the first year hire has the safe of “18 ” only 85 yuan.

Before installation, student need and manufacturer sign the agreement that rent, hire just has custodial obligation to “ does not get baleful damage or go up in casing to safe depict ” , and rental just must assure to use security.
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