The resource that spread money tilts to the mainest product
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Spread money experience
To the transition to electronic business affairs, want to try actively, but when reducing convention to spread money, channel, resource should tilt to that of 20% product that offers main profit source.
“ photograph compares food and garment industry, seasonal to us inventory pilot pressure wants a few smaller, but not be to say we are spreading inn to go up to be not paid attention to. ” Wang Sheng 6 manage a safe to sell a company 7 years, begin from brand of oneself armour of a person of extraordinary powers, had acted as agent now the brand of 300 many safe that includes Korea inside. Spreading inn is businessmen's general common saying, dan Wangsheng 6 prefer to manage ” with “ channel a such views. “ channel of 7 years runs the course of ” , bark gives birth to 6 summary to give 8 words: Identify discard of bad of general trends, superior.
Identify general trends
The safe of 6 experienced Wang Sheng to spread supermarket of goods, past mainstream to spread money toward brand shop, go up through the net electronic business affairs runs a few level, it is the change as the times, follow great topological features to go.
2001, when bark gives birth to the product of 6 to enter the market, safe market of home just just starts. Wang Sheng 6 remember, at that time is cumbersome cement ark, sell in hardware store commonly, the client also is company money only meeting branch. Right now, monopolistic this concept still does not spread, complete Shanghai is self-supporting still be less than 10 with the safe brand shop of much battalion.
Go with general trends, run first monopolistic. Besides set a point of sales oneself, be in other brand shop, of available seat, from need not wordy. Do not have empty seat, ask a person to come from in personal inn look actually with, it is bark lays the idea of 6. Monopolistic photograph compares hardware store, what the advantage is worth in brand price undoubtedly is strong harmonic and outstanding.
Companion develops as domestic economy, the client of safe group extend to family and individual from the enterprise gradually, safe begins to enter market. 2003 around, domestic Le Fu, Yi Chulian is bought flower, easily so that wait large sell begin to be in Shanghai blossom everywhere. Wang Sheng 6 to sell a push forward. In beauty of Su Ning, country at the same time such home appliance chain also establishs bar. Follow the path that channel develops, the supplier saved him to drive the effort of border monarch region on geography, also leave out a few analysises each situation clients group effort.
“ goes with general trends, be in for instance Oriental business mansion, fixed position consumes a crowd whole market in high end, our safe also consumes class in this with respect to set. Safe of electronic password, dactylogram, the fire prevention safe that the foreigner likes may be set in these places. ”
Current general trend of events, wang Sheng 6 think to be in undoubtedly electronic business affairs. The reason depends on, come for years, of channel business too strong, grow Zhang period of day of manpower of sales promotion of inn of day of cost entering the arena, telegraphic cost, 6 political integrity, door, 60~90 to wait too, make the supplier feels can accuse limits smaller and smaller. And the sale on the net besides aggrandizement former these channel not far not as good as outside advantage, reduce sale cost, the control that increases a supplier is absorbing place. And should become etc already the net inn sale of figuration, more the self-identity that increased bark to lay 6 pairs of this one pattern. So, cooperate with the platform on existing net, achieve the platform on an industry net oneself even, bark gives birth to 6 at present to pay close attention to most.
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