The resource that spread money tilts to the mainest product
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Superior bad discard
Will main energy is put on the shop goods of those main products that hold sale majority, going up to the net from solid shakedown goods in the period of management transition, channel, resource should tilt to the mainstream product of 20% as far as possible.
The general trends of channel business is undertaking superior bad discard, wang Sheng 6 say, oneself road that spread inn also follows this one pattern.
Everybody knows the position in shop has the branch of stand or fall, for instance moon face, positive aspect. Positive aspect is that one side that the client walks into bazaar to see first, the opposite is moon face. Still have head of corner, corridor, caboodle, it is good place. Stand in the angle of bazaar, always hope to leave best brand best position, perhaps say to make the same score effect (every square metre sells profit) highest supplier. This is the cause that the building end all bazaar betrays perfume cosmetic, the profit of these commodity is the most rich and generous. Conversely, the more not tall brand is in smooth effect when entering market, the more expectation gets good seat, both sides weichis with respect to existence rich. Wang Sheng 6 say, this kind of moment, can leave the variety that sells best finite position only. Because if can put 4 saves only, that sells outstanding achievement every with respect to what decided 25 % . If the outstanding achievement of this month is bad, next month bazaar can adjust the position. Outstanding achievement is the more bad, the conversation that did not strive for good place the more counterpoises.
Talk about superior bad discard again, bark gives birth to 6 inn saying a store to also stress 28 principles. Come from only because of the profit of 80% at the product of 20% . But remain 80% products to also want to sell, here is put in a balance, as now, oneself carry out net inn, like also abandoning traditional channel however.
But have a bit undoubted, when spreading inn namely, the best goods that wants that 20 % leaves more effort, arrangement of salesperson, store should have given as far as possible, of the mainstream. And march to net inn in the process, traditional channel cut down 30 % , it is the medium of communication that cuts main stream of a few blame as much, and withhold stream of people of a few big market of exuberant area sell a position, in order to make sure the client still can see the brand that he acts as agent in traditional channel, add brand credit touch. This also is “ the discard of bad of a kind of superior that our supplier undertakes to channel business. ” Wang Sheng 6 say.

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