Network Will Save information function is greater than the safe life
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There is a sense, students are meaning. Health is the fundamental meaning of living, the meaning of life is to create meaning, the so-called "no students have, their remaining one, one two, two three, comes all things", is the truth. Would have no meaning, but as long as born, there is meaning, and then toward a higher meaning, and create a new meaning. Therefore, the creation of meaning "life" be meaningful. Network is through the creation of a will, and giving it a higher level of meaning and significance. Will is a third-party network to store and transmit information platform. Stored in your bank account, your property information, scan important documents, precious video and audio information, and so, the purpose is to advance to make a backup. Although it is not a specific shape, although it is yes the network under a virtual state services, but it can create tremendous value for us. Bank account, property information, real estate information materials, and so precious you are not yet saved to the safe or free to contact anyone can placed in an open space, and sometimes important information will enable us to fear and trepidation, fear was leaked and lost, resulting in irreparable losses. But such worries are not without reason, the insurance is no longer safe now, is not secret, it seems very solid safe, but when in the face of the thief, or can easily be forced open, and lock the safe when the damage is often accompanied with situation, this way, not only valuable information for the user is not insurance, but to add a lot of trouble. As a result, many people have become quite a headache to be a problem. "Similar to the thorny problem of the will of such a service for the network, it could have been avoided." Network founder, said Wills. Will save the dead man first network of valuable information, whether for himself or his family is the embodiment of a responsible, caring for their families is also reflected. Secondly, the network used in the will is the highest security level of network security measures to ensure the user's security information. And the network is a will exists in the virtual network, anywhere can view and fill in the information network of the will the safe, as opposed to heavy safe, the advantages are obvious. Create value is to give the highest expression of its meaning and significance. Many people are intended to preserve important information for their own information to make a backup in case of accidents, but put aside the surface to the deep excavation, more is conferred by the will tender the network of care. Exist in the face of life's accidents, there is no sign of the situation, die, and a lot of important information is lost at the same time, the key is to harm their own family members, which also made a lot of people can not understand why. Will the network information stored in the user during his lifetime, and even private information will be passed to the designated contact in the hands of the user during his lifetime, this information does not convey a lot of public information the user during his lifetime, to a certain level to play back the user's life path For the memory of the enemy while the role, understanding the user's true feelings, a great way to make up for regret. Created to give students the meaning, there is the existence value. Will the network also seems to follow such a meaning, to make up for the lost, while regrettable, given unique information about their value. Currently, the network of wills registered users has reached more than ten million people, more than a dozen people in this, most people are holding the event of an accident, through this way can reduce accident injuries for the family to help them lose out suffering of their loved ones, so people are able to ease the pro-heaven.