Chinas first recognition of the Almighty was born in Guangdong safe
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Recently, a national initiative, leading with "face recognition system" safe function can be safe in the Guangdong Provincial Security Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was born, all-around safe QNN Safe highlights innovative business strategy given the first Bit; marks the application of the high technology has opened up a new field. According to research group Almighty safe introduction of special techniques, this "face recognition system safe," the cabinet of about one meter high five, mainly by the "face recognition system" and "all steel safes," two parts. "Face recognition system System "installed in front of the cabinet door, using TI DM6446 CPU 600MHz processor; SD card 8G memory; 100Base-T network interface; RS485 data interface; CCD camera; 640 x 480 camera resolution; Wigan 32 Control interface; 3.0-inch TFT LCD display components, with English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese interface in three languages, but with a voice prompt. It is through the "vivid" to face capture, face detection, face recognition preprocessing, 3D integration, algorithm technique to extract the data model and other works, to determine whether there is data in the same image information to complete the work unlock . That is, when for the first time before the first use of the safe collection, recording the user's face image information and stored in the integrated database; When you need to open the safe, the user just stand in front of the camera a few seconds Time to open the safe. After a year round safe and more technology research and trial and error to solve the existing market specific application of face recognition problems. Recognition of relatively long history, as early as in 1888 issued a foreign expert on the use of human face identification papers, the feasibility of face recognition technology is analyzed. In recent years, Face Recognition Has been favored by many researchers, particularly since 1990, face recognition has been more rapid development. For experts, "Face recognition is a person's facial features based on authentication of biological information Feature recognition technology, is a consistent habit of mankind, the most natural, non-contact authentication, face authentication in non-invasive, safe and accurate, high speed, simple operation, both indoors and families And other characteristics can be used outside, than "identification card is not recognized," the IC card and "can be copied, can be forged," the fingerprint authentication more prospects. "People in their daily lives, almost all the time to prove identity in the information technology The rapid development of surgery today, e-commerce, online banking, public safety and other areas of the reliability of authentication and certification methods put forward higher requirements. Face is not easily forged, will not be lost, and with the invariant features Bring the advantages of the body, and fingerprint, retina, iris, gene identification and other biometric systems, face recognition systems are more direct, friendly, and the user does not have any mental disorder, and has been widely used in business Industry segments. QNN Safe all-around safe since its inception, the success in the development of safe products in the field of "national initiative, the industry leading" technology products give numerous. Its operating executives said, QNN Safe safe on behalf of the Almighty Table of the domestic small and medium industrial restructuring, and processing enterprises from international OEM manufacturers turn a typical brand management, the future international market, the most competitive companies are those that attach importance to technological innovation and product design innovation Enterprise, Innovation First, quality, brand supremacy, efficiency leading companies in the global market will have bright prospects.