Second-hand housing transactions of funds have a "safe"
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Second-hand housing transactions of funds have a "safe" Purchaser will deposit funds into special account transactions, transfer of property rights registration is completed, confirm that the purchaser can receive a real estate license, and then funds from the special accounts will be transferred to the seller account transactions, to ensure the safety of transactions and funds Second-hand housing transactions, the seller can not worry about real estate to do the transfer in time to get Shoufang Kuan, the buyer has paid the purchase money can not worry about a smooth transfer. But now these problems have to worry about. City Housing Authority to ensure security Second-hand housing transaction protection fund in the city of funds to implement the second-hand housing transaction monitoring system for free. City Housing Security Administration introduced "Jinan City, capital stock room monitor online transactions and Interim Measures," in the city carried out within the required contract, and second-hand housing transactions online financial regulatory services, changes to the original delivery of second-hand housing Easy mode and method of payment, so that the whole process completed in the monitoring mode, to ensure the transaction process and financial security. You can not collect money transactions Financial regulation second-hand housing transaction is financed by transactions between buyers and sellers real estate market in Jinan, service centers opened in the bank, "the stock of housing dedicated customer transactions settlement funds account" to transfer. Buyers and sellers and Service signed a "custody agreement Jinan 存量房交易 funds", the buyer will deposit funds into special accounts transactions, transfer of property rights registration is completed, confirm that the purchaser can receive a real estate license, then the transaction of funds from special accounts Included in the seller account. The business does not charge any fees to buyers and sellers. Accordance with relevant regulations, other real estate agents are not allowed to fund collection and payment of customer transactions, to avoid misappropriation of client funds intermediary companies may also eliminate the negative in the Medium "have escaped escape" events. Regulatory capital will be closed transaction Jinan City real estate market, service centers, the Urban Housing Security Administration is the only designated custodian of funds. The agency conducted an independent third party such as business. "Housing stock settlement funds dedicated customer transactions Account "can not withdraw cash, the" three-point line "type of cash flow method, in which trading funds from buyers agreement into account special account after registration is completed by the special account into the seller account. If there is no Method for transfer of property rights cases, funds will be returned to the buyer by the special account payment account. As trading funds with the bank closed joint supervision of funds can effectively protect the safety of transactions. The special account can only be used second-hand housing buyers and sellers in the transaction of funds transfer, shall not be paid in cash. Under these provisions, special account separate from service centers and the management of the property owned property, the transaction account Parties to the transaction settlement funds belonging to the Housing. Proof of custody procedures for transfer by People present their valid identification parties to the transaction, the two sides agreed to open the personal custodian bank settlement account of house ownership and on-line signed the "Housing stock purchase agreement in Jinan City" and a photocopy of each original To apply for funds managed, the service center checking the original, the copy on file for future reference. The application, the buyer first first payment into the special account, with the first payment certificate to the bank for payment apply for a loan, the bank approved loans will be deposited into buyer's loan account, and then the buyer will transfer funds from the special account All managed funds credited into account, the buyer and the seller to apply for transfer procedures. To protect the legitimate rights and interests of three parties, the parties to the service center to be counters, and service center three parties signed a "custody agreement Jinan 存量房交易 funds", the contents of a clear customer mandate. The buyer to the bank transfers into Work, the custodian bank certificate of receipt of payments, the buyer deposits the funds are transferred after the collection holding the corresponding change for the certificate to the custodian proof of custody, with the transfer of custody procedures for handling property proved.