"The ghost" went straight to the pavement on a safe Nanning million in cash st
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December 1, Anji Road in Nanning City, the morning market operators hung Electrical King Electrical accessories business owner, arrived the morning of pavement, but found that shutter door was broken into. Later found safe was kept in the store pry, the million in cash stolen. Wong said, on November 30 evening at 8 when they left the pavement, when everything is good. Reporters on the scene, paving the left shutter has obvious signs of prying pressure. Electrical supplies market management, general manager of Road Fangchen Xiong Ms. Wang received feedback from the boss, too, the scene information. Ms. Way said that the market 24 hours a day, security arrangements on duty, each 3 people, divided into two groups to patrol at night. The company also regularly reminded dealers, not to large amounts of cash and valuables kept in the shop, pay attention to security and so on. However, more complex security environment surrounding the market, even if the company is also strengthening prevention, but also keep track of. Company in charge of law and order Zhongjing Li told reporters, thieves did not pry the pavement other business operators, directly to Ben Wang boss pavement, it is clear that the thieves pavement situation, while thieves are very familiar with the laws of their company security patrols, and he thought it cases is "the ghost" as is.