Be careful "electronic jamming devices" Do not make your car as safe
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Recently, Mr. Wang, who lives in New South Road, driving a private car to eat dinner when he returned, the car a bag was missing, Mr. Wang was wondering, the door intact, the windows did not damage, your bag is how lost it? He felt strange exceptions, fortunately, nothing Mr. Wang bag and valuables. Is no reason for Mr. Wang was confused what is lost. Later, Mr. Wang, a friend reminded, is not suffered a "electronic jamming"? The phrase "to remind the dreamer," Mr. Wang recalled, the day when the door locks, remote locking car he did three times, first two do not feel locked, when he wants, is not something wrong with the remote control it. Electronic jammers, buy online free "Now the private cars, mostly using the remote lock, but it must be more than eye." Citizens engaged in automobile repair and replacement Chen Haibin, he told reporters, and now the Internet have a different "electronic jamming" is specifically for the car remote lock , so using the remote lock the car interior receives less than a remote control signal, thus losing the remote control latch functions. Aim is to make your car door is not on the good opportunity to steal the car items. The reporter then in Baidu online search for "car jammers" and found that online selling "car remote control jammer" phenomenon is widespread, their prices because of the strength of the different functions. Sale of a company's "super car shield jammers", which also marked on the product description: interference shielding distance of 100 meters, is the skill of the remote mask super-jammers can interfere with the market screening of all the latest Mercedes-Benz , Honda, Toyota, Passat, Audi, BMW, Lexus, Volkswagen series cars. "There was so wide variety of online selling, I read the news there is also reports of stealing electronic jammers, it seems, is indeed to be alert, can not give criminals the opportunity," Mr. Wang came to realize that. Mo put valuables in the car and lock the door to remember hand "pull it" Interviews found that many people like their cars as "safe" and what things are used in the car, people leaving, no matter with the person walking, especially valuables. Not long ago, who lives in Mr. Zhao Kun Court, driving to dinner near the public square, the car, a man bag on Fujia not take with you. When he came back to eat, windows were knocked a big hole, Bag also disappeared. "People left, car items must be removed, even if you do not put valuable things, but the thieves do not think so, especially the parcel and the like, can not be placed in a conspicuous place." Police said some offenders are targeting them "neutral" to opportunistic theft. "Selecting high-tech lock your car, should pay attention to security, the owner can not be blindly trusted remote lock." Police said remote lock easy to use, very cool indeed, far to one click, you can solve the problem. But sometimes worry about the accident, or did not lock their own, or are part of criminals to do "something", such as the use of electronic jammers and the like. Therefore, the owner of the door lock remote control, it is best to "to test" is locked and tried to pull it. Course, the most important, most effective and simplest way is, leave the vehicle (even a short leave), but also carry valuables, not to train as a safe and must not leave things to chance at immediate convenience, to provide criminal by the machine. Even the bag is not installed or not valuables valuable items, and do not put the front seat so easily observed from the location of the vehicle to prevent lawless elements spur of the moment, to the car provoke "unnecessary harm."