Private commercial welding caused the fire safe
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Welders have been proposed may lead to fire, saying as long as the person in charge of the decoration basin of water placed on the line as a result, this decision led to Huaihai Road, Huaibei City, the first floor of the Old Phoenix Bank of Overseas Chinese commercial building fire in a shop in Huaibei, and quickly spread to other 5 stores . This occurred on November 24 last year, the fire, before the Huaibei City of Mountain by the end of a civil court mediation for compensation, contract, etc. 4 Wang renovated five business 2.27 million yuan of compensation, after breaching security management provisions constitute a major accident, four people were sentenced. October 31, 2009, Huaihai Road, Huaibei City is located on the first floor of the Old Phoenix Chinese commercial bank floor of a shop in Huaibei, Zhao and Wang, the owner of 36 million yuan renovation costs to the price of renovation contracts signed by Wang bear decoration project. After signing the contract, Zhao Wang, down to 10 million in cash. November 17, 2009, the store began renovation. After Wang renovation of the old Phoenix by his friend Lee construction, construction tools from the Wang is responsible for the specific construction workers hired by the Lee. November 22, 2009, for the old Phoenix renovation needs in the south between the wall and back wall with a iron safe, responsible for the construction of the Lee that is the price of 800 found no welding qualifications, claims to be welded discuss matters relating to construction of the defendant Zhang, Zhang and Chen went to the Old Phoenix to find the welding construction. Lee with Zhang, Chen into the wall after the processing, Zhang asked Lee what the wall is plaster walls Li, Zhang made easier when the space is too small welding fire, Lee said, all right, next to the release point water on the line, the requirements of welding construction. At 9:00 on November 24, 2009 or so, Zhang, Chen made safe in welding iron, because iron and the back wall too close to hot iron, resulting in the back wall of the wood fire, caused the fire. Rees was a fire so elegant Chinese clothing store commercial, Huaibei City Happy Baby potential development center, billiards club in Huaibei City Code overseas branches, Huaibei City, Anhui business days, limited liability company interests overseas Chinese Lang clothing stores, Denon Electronics Entertainment City, Huaibei City, Xiaoning clothing stores and other shops suffered heavy losses. It was identified that the value of direct losses above commercial premises of more than 300 million RMB. The same day, Lee, Zhang, Chen took the initiative to the public security organs under investigation. The court held that Wang violation of the provisions of safety management, no decoration qualifications and renovation contracts signed with others, and with the same decoration to pay others to carry out non-qualified, Wang and other 4 people's behavior constitutes a major Accident. Court consolidated the various circumstances of the crime and the defendant's guilty plea attitude, according to Major Accident 3 to 4 years imprisonment for the defendant to prison to 1 year and 6 months of the sentence. Part of the mediation by the courts in civil damages for compensation 2.27 million yuan, at present, claims have been put in place.