Buy a safe to notice to distinguish
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Dispatch of the net that breath out a newspaper (Zhang Aimin) as standard of living rise, the ” of “ good money that gold equivalence money hides in many homes, to ensure these are precious the safety of belongings, ark of insurance against theft enters average household gradually in recent years.

The personage inside course of study discloses, at present the safe quality the good and bad are intermingled on the market, some says case of insurance against theft to sell into the safe even, this is both between the distinction that having essence. This kind of custodial box that appears on the market, although be in appearance style, with close of ark of insurance against theft, can be low-cost, its plate thickness is controlled in 2mm, do not belong to facilities of technical guard against theft, cannot true guard against theft; Ark of true insurance against theft, ply of general door plank should come in 8mm 10mm, ply of cabinet put oneself in another's position is in 6mm above. The personage inside course of study warns customer, box of insurance against theft is different from a safe, when buying, cannot pursue cheap only, want to notice to distinguish.

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