How to purchase tall safe safe truly?
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When the safe that purchases high security, general public can produce a blind spot, namely besides the price, we go up very hard from the exterior of the safe and design, know the real difference of safe character? Accordingly, we are when safe of choose and buy, the test that must ask the supplier offers a safe proves. What is test proof? Say simply, pass the attestation unit that the qualification admits between international namely, be decided oneself with them or accepted safe level and grading system are spent, to the test that the safe has. Later, offer a proof next, prove the safe grade of this safe and quality. Current, our mainland and Taiwan area are still clinking narrated attestation unit, go up in the safe market of high security so, with international still the manufacturer of well-known trademark is offerred. Product of our country mainland reachs a product to be returned at present through the company of the attestation between international, the product that the mainland exports basically is the nominal exit with sticking a card, and on the safe body that the lock of the mainland must not use in exit, a few agency that give abroad namely actually make some of treatment just. Current, the safe of well-known trademark basically has the international on chinese mainland market: Qiu Bai, SENTRY, EIKO is waited a moment. It is the attestation unit that has safety of guard against theft, fire prevention to test a level below: 认证单位 安全标准 BSI BS5750 CNPP EN-1143-1 LPCB 1183-4.2 SP NT FIRE 017 UL /608/609/680/768/ 72-Class150/350 JIS S1037 VDMA 24991 VDS 2311 根据过去台湾盗窃案件发生的经验统计: The safe that * checks attestation without international safety (general model safe) : Experience destroys successful probability to exceed 85% to bandits. The safe that * checks attestation through international safety () of tall safe safe: The probability that encounters bandits destroys a success does not exceed 1% of course, not be to say, the safe that has test attestation can be destroyed succeed by bandits with respect to scarcely! Say however, if we want a choose and buy can accord with the budget, and the safe that reduces a risk truly effectively, have so having international attestation is a very important referenced basis.

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