Safe of type of family expenses wall
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1, why should install safe of type of family expenses wall?
Type safe can use family expenses wall to keep card of the cash in your home, headgear, gem, house property, guarantee slip, bill, current account looks go up, the firearms of file and policemen of public security organs and our love, right, honor, privacy and other and precious, it and door of guard against theft have an advantage each, complementary sex is extremely strong. Enter from the window when bandits room or the old person in pretending to receive personnel of water, charge of electricity to cheat the home opens the door after this room, he does not steal Datepin completely, take away a family to lay in cash or valuable small goods or important papers to wait however go out bunco.
2, what advantage does the safe inside the wall have?
The safe inside family expenses wall, inside built-in wall, do not occupy a space, prevent take away, prevent hammer to be bungled, the pry that defend a scoundrel, prevent feed, prevent electric drill, lie between air defence fire, prevent destroy password plant, canvas is obstructed outside, guard against theft and adornment photograph are united in wedlock. Additionally warning apparatus of net of couplet of mobile phone, phone is covered suitably, more practical safer. Preside goes out travel, be away on official business, be a guest is not when the home, if burglar touchs safe, this system gives out 120dB of alarm sound > by oneself namely, and dial 3 groups of telephone number that you set beforehand by foreword (mobile phone or small well-informed or Electromechanical word) , when among them one group is received when listening, there is sound of automatic newspaper aphorism to if " catchs thief " to wait,hint inside. You can show according to the incoming telegram number calls the police certainly or announcement village guards personnel.
3, what does the suitable scope of mural type safe have?
The safe inside domestic wall, suit the place such as apartment of town dweller and rural family and guesthouse, hospital, office building, undergraduate to use particularly. Family advocate, inside the wall of deputy bedroom, inside the wall of a built-in wardrobe or cupboard, chest (the little private space that conditional family, husband and wife and child have him gladly, such some families need according to its, just do not install a safe) inside the wall of the ark of the head of a bed such as apartment of guest room of hospital ward, hotel, undergraduate, and the office is appropriate inside positional wall, after installation is fine, adornment is masked outside.
4, the house that already had built, how to install mural type safe?
Before the building gets ready, before preexistence family, the proper place burrow of preexistence family wall, oar of the silt that use water has secured safe, do not affect so get ready the effect, and safe concealments easily, the user is accepted more easily. The building has decorated enter resident, can use expand screw is fixed in a built-in wardrobe or cupboard or ark of the head of a bed inside on wall, such more facilitating installation, when also facilitating the user removes, take away euqally with domestic all along with all the others. (attention: When choosing the place, avoid to destroy cop is buried beforehand inside the wall) .
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