Do you know what composition safe is?
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The composition of safe is simpler actually, resembling is the house that we live, should have above all can live the person's building (casing) , want next with a door (door plank) , the door locks up to remove effect of guard against theft to must be installed () of lock of guard against theft, lock up door and building through lock (main transfer machinery) just can ensure the security of the room, formed the basic framework of the house basically so. But if regard commodity as to want to sell the house,go out, must want those who have a house to check and accept qualified report, operation instruction handbook to wait so (accessory) . Such complete formation house of a commodity.

Understood from what we are clear about among the example above make element of safe end main points: Lock of casing, door plank, guard against theft, main transfer machinery and accessory. That why can we see sundry safe however at ordinary times? Because afore-mentioned 5 gist element are in,this is produce a few change, used the account such as different specifications, material, craft, fittings, bring about the product that fashions all sorts of model norms. The purpose makes namely safe diversification, accord with the crowd that different consumption is used to the market to use, this is the contented market demand that we say usually.

We knew all sorts of model of safe change, because make the change of its 5 gist element,be. So what component are these element those who will comprise?
Safe comprises the component of element:
Door plank: Include: The door plank, orgnaization, rear cover that lock up housing, hinge (rocker) ;
Casing: Include: Profiled bar of crust, backboard, motherboard, Cao (or block) , secondary floor board, wear a foot (or balata foot) ;

Lock of guard against theft: Cent electron lock and mechanical lock two kinds. Electronic lock can be divided from indication means show for LCD liquid crystal, LED liquid crystal shows, indicator light shows, from the operation the function distinguishs can divide for: Close pattern of sling-load, magnetic card, dactylogram, remote control, can divide from open means for: Electro-magnet, electric machinery; Mechanical lock divides mechanical lock and mechanical password to lock up two kinds.
Main transfer machinery: Include: Bolt fixed head, slide, bolt and auxiliary.

Accessory: Include: The manual, certificate of approval, box that pack, installation expands bolt, bubble.