The classification of safe
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The classified means of safe is very much, different kind can have different classification, we part to introduce the classified situation that common safe compares on market at present simply from different point of view under:

One, grade can divide the safety of guard against theft of the itself according to safe for:
Ark of box of safe, safe, collect carefully, custodial box, file

2, can divide according to scope of application for:
The ark of machine of door of box of ark of hotel safe, business affairs safe, family expenses safe, guesthouse safe, fire prevention, file ark, gun ark, Che Zaibao danger, exchequer, ATM, ark that throw money.

3, the open means that presses the face plate that makes safe and lock can divide for:
The electronic password series, dactylogram series, mechanical password series, series that brush card, remote control series, feeling screen series, IC blocks inductive series.