The production technological process with whole safe
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The circuit that makes the flow of a safe and tailer's shop make a clothing is very similar, above all the flow list that safe makes in light of us:
The makings below armor plate--->Board makings figuration--->Solder treatment--->Finishing--->Assemble--->Total check--->Pack---->Put in storage
From go up the making process that expresses us to perhaps return not quite clear understanding safe, we understand the significance of every process in detail below, so that we are deep the making flow that comprehends safe:
The makings below armor plate: Well-known, the raw material of safe is by armor plate make it. We the first working procedure wants namely purchase come over pieces big armor plate passes plane shear, cut out a platelet that we need piece, in order to facilitate next working procedure treatment, this is just like make the clothing, cut big cloth into the small diamonds of the need such as collar, cuff namely above all.
Board makings figuration: Platelet piece is passed all sorts of all sorts of machine equipment such as the punching machine, mould, machine that fold a turn, machine an all sorts of package that safe place needs, for instance: All sorts of the backboard of door plank, casing, motherboard, orgnaizations. Be like, when making the clothing, cut out small diamonds cloth into the preliminary figure such as all sorts of collar, cuff.
Solder treatment: Carry all sorts of shaping board material soldering technology, surround all sorts of fittings that had shaped into to take the casing of the door. Adopt such working procedure, had established the preliminary framework of safe basically. Be similar to make the clothing, seam the little material that all sorts of shaping through sewing machine rise, form the dress that shapes basically.
Finishing: Through all sorts of craft the semifinished product safe has the treatment that turns subtly, have the whole process of processing of exterior gush model to safe finally. Because solder the safe after is coarser, we are about burnish, go broken bits, still have as a result of safe surface rusty spot, smeary, be about so phosphor changes processing to achieve go the purpose that oil goes to becoming rusty, because the surface of safe semifinished product is rougher, want to blow be bored with like making furniture in the surface so child grey, and burnish is smooth, undertake electrostatic gush model handles high temperature finally, the surface formed paint. This one process is similar to a dress that has seamed to iron level off, cut go the truth like redundant suture.
Assemble: The process that assemble even if has the essential factor such as all sorts of lock that comprise safe and accessory assorted, the spendable safe with made complete formation. If lock is used, is electronic password the lock calls an electron safe then; If lock uses mechanical lock to call mechanical safe; If use dactylogram lock,call dactylogram safe. Constructional fittings is more, basically have include trundle, lock (lock of door lock, lash-up, password lock) , operation face plate, orgnaization (include bolt, shake handshandle to wait) , accessories of rear cover, costume (drawer, flannelette, mark is stuck, manual, clapboard) . If make the clothing,need the button on the hammer finally, the final assembly such as brand is hit on the dress program.
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