How be deployed and use a safe
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To defend national property safety is mixed complete, each unit should deploy special safe, what be used technically at bill of cashier of etc of all sorts of cash on hand, negotiable securities, bank money, seal to wait is custodial. Each unit should strengthen the use management to the safe, make a safe use method, ask concerned personnel is carried out strictly. Generally speaking, when should the use of the safe notice as follows:
(1) the management of the safe. The safe is in by total accountant or finance affairs commonly (division, ) long accredit, by cashier responsible government is used.
(2) the equipment of safe key. The safe should provide two keys, one is kept by cashier, use for cashier routine open; Another is handed in by guard a branch to seal up for keeping, or by the unit total accountant or finance affairs are in (division, ) long responsible and custodial, use in order to have the classics below special situation concerns the open after the leader is approved. Cashier cannot make safe key keep for you by other.
(3) the open of the safe. The safe can be used by cashier open only, blame cashier does not get open safe. If unit total accountant or finance affairs are in (division, ) long need undertakes checking to teller job, if check limitation of cash on hand, check amount of actual cash on hand, or other and special situation needs open safe, should be in by total accountant or finance affairs by formulary program (division, ) long open, in the safe that does not get aleatoric open to be used by cashier administer usually.
(4) of property custodial. After daily cease, a blank cheque that cashier should use his (include cash reserve in a bank check and turn Zhang check) , inside safe of person of equivalent of money receipt, seal. The ready money that deposits inside the safe should be installed and register cash journal, other negotiable securities, bankbook, bill should register by phyletic tabulation, valuable should set book of buy for future reference to register its quality, weight, amount to wait by sort, all property should check with Zhang book-keeping collection conform to. Press a regulation, private property must not be deposited inside the safe.
(5) safe password. Cashier should keep him use safe code keeps secret strictly, must not divulge to other, use for other in case. Cashier transfers station, new treasurer should change use new code.
(6) the maintenance of the safe. Insurance is placed accordingly concealmenting, dry place, the attention is ventilated, water-vapor proof, moistureproof, insect-resistant and prevent rat; Often should brush outside the safe wipe clean, the property inside the safe should maintain neat sanitation, deposit orderly. Once the safe malfunctions, the maintenance feature that should assign to public security mechanism undertakes repairing, in case divulge a secret or break pilfer.
(7) safe by the processing of pilfer. Cashier discovers a safe to be answered to protect good spot by pilfer hind, mechanism of rapid report public security (or defend a department) , other people of clear conduct financial transactions of the ability when needing site of perambulate of public security mechanism by pilfer circumstance. Holiday is full two days of above or cashier leave above two days to do not have the generation that send a person its work, answer to affix a paper strip for sealing in safe ward place, cashier reachs the designated position uncover when the job. If discover a paper strip for sealing is in by rip off or ward by bang up, also answer rapid to public security mechanism or guard a branch to report, in order to make public security mechanism or guard a branch to make a thorough investigation of in time circumstance, prevent illegal element to commit the crime further.
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