Safeguard of safe safe daily
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1.The use of batteries

Put what cell notes please when batteries to losing polarity, go up by batteries box losing polarity mark to place, long-term need not take out battery from inside batteries box.

2.Of product user manual, accessory custodial

Lock up product user manual, door box of the key, lash-up key, electron key, batteries, ward please plastic lever, shopping bill, guarantee the accessory appropriate such as card saves the place at safety. The account on user manual the product number of safe, ark and password, the factory is the technical archives that will build a product according to product number and product model, according to it the user can retrieve the password of safe, ark, it is important that this nods pair of mechanical saves, ark blame to be. Notice ten million cannot lock up these accessory safe, ark inside, in case safe, ark cannot open the method that connects lash-up open to be done not have. If be the safe of fluctuation double door, the proposal has the key of fluctuation door marking, lest after misapplication, cause the key to get stuck to cannot turn in key cylinder, the breakdown that pull out. After the password is revised, had better be to write down go up in another notebooks, lest forget hind the trouble that brings a lock. The key and password are sure to keep apart, such safer.

3.The use environment of safe, ark

What safe, ark applies to normal temperature to fall is indoor use. Use in the environment of moisture and mordant gas, have the intense illuminate of sunshine and ultraviolet ray, can make surface of safe, ark paints chap, become angry, plastic become angry, ageing, the surface gives birth to rust, oxidation, electronic component performance is not steady cause trouble.

4.Of safe, ark maintain safeguard

After surface of safe, ark has besmirch, cannot chemically dissolvent is swabbed, usable and clean dishcloth touchs a few cleaner to swab. Projecting bolt is in and the gyro wheel place of the drawer can use a few lubricating oil (the family also goes with edible oil) try to lubricate, inside key key cylinder but core of pencil of infuse a few is pulverous (black lead) , can make the key is inserted unplug, roll is more relaxed.