The weight of safe and safe and quality
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Safe (ark) with weight and quality:

Some friends feel to buy safe (safe) had jumped over again more! Not be actually such, if be full board,do above all, lock up the case with a similar quality with fittings, 肻 is to weigh better more surely! Contrary if take inside of the safe of cement and complete steel than, what pack concrete very likely also is heavy. Say the client is to buy insurance again, buy be at ease! is not to should buy a cement a swelling on the skin that with Bao Tie portfolio wears. So sometimes when the client is so comparative, we perhaps can say: “ wants to weigh, go to inside also put a cement a knot in one's heart became good! ” says a fun word!
Buy safe (safe) cannot buy the price too low, petty gain does not have good money! Also cannot buy too expensive, because profit is not high also this one now, so the price is endured very likely too high slaughter! Of family expenses if had better secure a wall conditionally,go up, had better put in wooden cabinet to secure a wall to go up next, concealment to be sure again already so!

Safe (safe) very rare defect, basically need not maintain, notice is long-term need not and should take battery what install batteries, in case bad circuitry of corrode of bad batteries acerbity fluid.
Of electrified pool be like bad to leave, want to change battery above all, do not want additionally advocate the key and lash-up key lock arrive in the cabinet or do lose.

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