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Products plan concept has deviation. Partial enterprise develops the erroneous tendency that heavy exterior, light immanent quality exists in the process in the product.

Product cost is unprincipled reduce. Average consumer is very little to the structural function understanding of ark of insurance against theft, make the product of low price has quite big appeal in the market. Individual business competes to be in in with low get victory, not hesitate reduce cost, elliptically necessary guard, some is jerry even, bring about a product finally unqualified. If the plate thickness of ark of insurance against theft matters to a safe to fight,destroy bear ability, it is burglarproof assures basically, but individual business is reduce cost, aborning reduces plate thickness, those who reduce a lock to shut an orgnaization is necessary defend, make the function of guard against theft of the product is reduced greatly, ark of occurrence insurance against theft not burglarproof circumstance.

Concerned expert is special warn customer, should notice in consumption safe and custodial box differ two kinds those who belong to sexual product is divisional. In last few years, interpose appeared on the market the custodial box between ark of insurance against theft and ambry furniture. Our country still does not have level of custodial box state at present, its also are divided by lock for mechanical password and electronic password two sort. Custodial box and safe are similar on the exterior, but its casing is thinner than the safe, control board for 2mm commonly even iron sheet, be destroyed easily, performance of guard against theft is poorer, do not belong to facilities of technical guard against theft. Safe plate thickness is ambitious at custodial box, and material is armor plate character, ply of general door plank amounts to 8mm ~ 10mm, above of 6mm of ply of cabinet put oneself in another's position, outclass of function of guard against theft is custodial box. Because keep box and safe cannot be distinguished on the exterior, a few businessmen say in product name and the make an issue of on sign, ambiguous term is used in the product explains and introducing, make the generation when consumer is being bought promiscuous. At the same time because of anatomical difference, the price of custodial box relatively the safe wants petty gain much, in the market very charming. Accordingly, it is clear to should enquire when ark of insurance against theft of consumer choose and buy, do not want a fault to buy custodial box, should keep the name of clear commodity on bill at the same time. If consumer is to deposit valuable, choose a safe without fail please. Additional, a kind, B kind when quality of ark of insurance against theft is less than 340kg due installation is fixed aperture, deploy secure a manual that reachs guidance to secure. Secure installation correctly according to the manual only, ability of ark of insurance against theft has effect of guard against theft truly.

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