Shallow the new way that talks about development of estate of domestic informati
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Informatization times, data information grows into explosive type, forms for reporting statistics of many technical documentation, blueprint, sale and financial data are generated in enterprise interior. These are the direct carrier of company core competition ability. And in current society, these data asset all are with the formal memory of electronic documentation on computer terminal. What the countersign with simple safe protects electronic documentation is easy transmit, the promotion that easy duplicate attribute brought company work efficiency, meanwhile, the asset government that also gives a company brought a challenge.

In the commercial society with a such intense competition, the enterprise often is compared those who go all out is the core number capital fund that these electrons spend. Any error of industry data asset, not only will bring huge pecuniary loss to the enterprise, and the reputation that still can affect a business, reduce the competition ability of the enterprise, cause the market share of the enterprise, the rapid prediction of a person's luck in a given year of income and market prise. Visible, the core asset that protects a company had become the urgent matter of all enterprises.