Dactylogram intelligence safe
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Had dactylogram attestation, had dactylogram lock, people is coming home after open the door, open car, take a money to the bank, open car, register wait for moment, need not take a string big lock spoon again, also need not be being written down closely always is to remember not clear password, should put finger gently only -- , need not read aloud cuss having evil spirit in that way like Alibaba, already " sesame seed opens the door " .
Dedicated the research and development that identifies a product at dactylogram, production and sale, already successful research and development gives dactylogram of bag of box of entrance guard of door lock of dactylogram guard against theft, dactylogram, dactylogram, bank to control system of check on work attendance of system, dactylogram, figure to identify ark of check of safe of intelligence of system, dactylogram, fingerprint automatically to wait for products of a series of most advanced high-tech.
Provide one of 10 big high-tech that expand latent capacity most as 21 centuries, biology identifying technology is in ecbolic industry of a rising sun. Biology identifying technology is as inseparable as our life already, at present the application of dactylogram identifying technology has entered civil market, and develop swift and violent.