Burglar levers 5 saves of two companies
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The person such as bandits Wu Mou levers two companies early or late in all 5 saves, after stealing more than yuan 300 wildly, abscond, a lunar hind is captured in succession. A few days ago, flower division people procuratorate already robbed the person such as Wu Mou, theft moves procuratorate of Guangzhou city people to examine on one case sue.

Zhang Mou of guilty suspect Wu Mou, Zhang Mou, in collusion with of Bin of Pan Mou, Yang Mou (be at large) wait for a person, drive a car change comes flower area bare Ni presses down limited company of one building materials, lever safe of room of 2 buildings finance affairs to carry out theft. In stealing a process, they are on duty after personnel Tan Mou discovers, undertake binding to its instantly, heal, beat up, reave the cash inside the safe 8500 yuan of cash reserve in a bank that reach Tan Mou are mixed 600 yuan two mobile phones.

Before dawn zero hour was made on January 28, the 7 people such as Wu Mou, Pan Mou, Zhang Mou, carry commit the crime identically tool, drive a car arrives flower area bare Ni presses down limited company of industry of one science and technology outside. Turn over enclosure to enter this company inside, after levering the net of guard against theft austral office building front door, they climb a window to enter this company office building inside, in special assistant indoor sundry room find 4 saves, in all pilfer gets cash RMB 3.43 million yuan, fully replete 3 baggage bag. After a group of person returns the divide the spoils inside the rented house of Dongguan to end, abscond separately.

After public security mechanism receives a reply, spread out instantly investigate, guizhou Province is in respectively after a month Qing Xi of yellow smooth county and city, Dongguan city presses down Carey and other places arrests the Wu Mou, Pan Mou, Zhang Mou, person such as Bin of Yang Mou, Yang Mou.