The biggest insurance device scoops up the world to help straw
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American federal lays in committee 16 days to agree to be American international group (AIG) offer total 85 billion dollar is urgent loan, the biggest insurance device scoops up the world that makes this is close to closing down to help to straw.

Beautiful couplet store ask for help of company of previous refusal Lei Man's brother, extend aid this to AIG however. The person that criticize says, once this gate is opened, queue up the company that has more get into trouble to await beautiful couplet store rescue.

Gain time sells asset

Beautiful couplet store made a statement that day say, will offer total two years of 85 billion dollar for AIG period urgent loan; As redound, beautiful couplet store the share that will acquire AIG79.9% , and dismiss the influence of layer of AIG senior management.

AIG makes a statement that evening say, beautiful couplet store offerred loan will be a company " in an orderly way " sell the banner leaves asset gain time. On interest rate of short-term loan of London person of the same trade, the beautiful couplet that AIG obtains store loan interest rate is added again even 8.9% . This makes loan actual interest rate is amounted to 11.4% .

Does Niu Dao kill chicken to harm shareholder?

In fact, besides accept beautiful couplet store loan, AIG is not have blind lane only.

Beautiful couplet counts a hour before AIG of rescue of Chu Xuan cloth, case forest Bai Geqi issues presiding apparitor before AIG investment orgnaization puts forward whole to buy AIG, or buy AIG section of a few business, or provide loan. Gelinbaige thinks, what AIG needs is loan crossing the bridge, and rather than controls company park government under.

American government becomes AIG after the largest stockholder, will authority stops to be mixed to common stock preferential partner extends bonus.

Political circles supports " optimal choice "

The White House expresses 16 days, support beautiful couplet store the decision that moves to save AIG, a few bigwig also express congress, understand the necessity of this one act.

Senatorial Shu Mo says the federal of the Democratic Party that comes from new York city: ?

The government opens deliverance gate

Before with respect to couplet is in the beauty Chu Xuan cloth provides loan 2 days to AIG, beautiful couplet store the loan request that rejects company of Lei Man's brother, cause this wall street famous cast because deficit of a huge sum applies for,go bankrupt all right protection.

Beautiful couplet store senior staff member tells Reuter the reporter, have fasten company of Yu Leiman's brother, the business antenna with more extensive AIG reachs his retail product means its blame to save cannot. Associated press says, AIG almost with the whole world each big finance orgnaization has business dealings, for amount the property accept insurance of 88 billion dollar, insurance coverage involves mortgage loan to bear negotiable securities and other venture liability relevant negotiable securities.
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