Derelict safe
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Police perambulate eliminates there is dangerous article inside ark

Police station patrols twice the policeman hurries to the spot very quickly. Policeman weigh in hand weigh in hand after the safe of this heavy, report public security substation to direct a center immediately again. After policeman of detect of a few punishment hurries to the spot, ravel slowly wrap that cotton print on the safe, draw the loops and whorls on a finger on the safe then. Reporter spot sees, the safe is about 40 centimeters long, 30 centimeters or so wide, estimation has 559 jins. Obtain evidence after the end, the policeman draws out a scissors again, cut open the one horn of the safe, examine inside of outfit whether danger is tasted.

The safe is very firm, after the policeman cuts open cuticular iron sheet cautiously, discover the cabinet is used multilayer iron sheet is made and become. Policeman in succession cuts open 3 iron sheet, eliminating inside after tasting possibility of danger, did not continue to lever a safe.