Buy a safe (box) note
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Buy a safe (box) must understand the following common sense:

1) , armor plate select material: The ply from armor plate, material qualitative, producing area undertake discerning, when these matter to the special tool such as use electric drill, cut and electric saw to destroy, safe (box) bear ability.
2) , shape reach solder: This one element matters to the clearance between cabinet put oneself in another's position and cupboard door and doorcase, too big function that prevent prize is abate.
3) , antirust processing: If this working procedure is handled bad, can affect the exterior of casing, serious person the damage that can cause a function to go up.
4) , orgnaization of guard against theft: This one element also is a safe (box) the biggest character, because its cannot be aware of in the user inside casing, but it is prevented just about technical the vital vital part of open.
5) , lock: If say orgnaization of guard against theft is a face, criterion lock is the most important one is nodded, follow because of destroying lock to reach the heart that the key can destroy orgnaization of guard against theft
6) , auxiliary spare parts: What the processing of spare parts wants to assure its function is reliable, in order to answer Protean use environment.
7) , the exterior: The safe already was cast off gradually cumbersome, drab, as organic as household environment union is the development trend of safe product.
8) , the actual strength of the manufacturer and brand: The brutal competition of the market makes discard of product superior bad, only high grade product ability assures manufacturer remain invincible.
9) , after service: The safe is a kind of special commodity, its one occurrence problem, must want to have absorption, professional after service team, ability ensures the user does not have trouble back at home at any time.

10) , must not buy the special type goods such as the safe to small website.

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