How to distinguish correctly safe and custodial box
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At present the safe on market kind product it may be said is full of beautiful things in eyes, phyletic and various, safe, safe, custodial box, collect carefully box, guesthouse box is waited a moment, can be told as consumer, it is cent is not clear to the meaning of these names and distinction, meet what say generally be safe only. Actually otherwise, the safe on real significance (ark) it is level of state of strict act on, have safety performance of taller guard against theft, and the safety performance that compares custodial case to it wants an end relatively a few, additional, the safe of similar standards size and custodial box price also are to differ very big, if a norms is: The value of market of box of insurance against theft of W250mm*D340mm*H250mm is 1000 multivariate, and the collect carefully box of similar standards wants 400-500 only however yuan before, the difference of this shows both is such big.

Is what reason brings about the price of box of insurance against theft and custodial box to differ after all such big?
Common saying says money one minute one minute goods, the main reason with both big difference or the difference of the production cost that differ because of technical standard and causes. The safe on a real significance is the technical level that must reach national the Ministry of Public Security to release, and pass CCC attestation, do not allow to be sold on market otherwise. And the product to custodial box and and so on of collect carefully box, at present the country still does not have specific provision in this respect. The discretion of both technology doorsill affected the production cost of the product directly, and influence safe kind the ply that the field with the mainest cost is armor plate, a door plank ply that achieves a country to defend case of accurate insurance against theft is not under 10mm, and custodial box or collect carefully box kind the door plank ply of the product has 2-5mm only however, both differs such big, this shows one spot.

So, as consumer, we should distinguish how correctly the difference of safe and custodial box, and buy all wool and a yard wide safe product?
1, above all, from the distinction on the outer packing of the product, the safe that general and normal manufacturer produces kind the product can pack admiral product nominally to make clear designation to come out in the product, and won't sedulous fuzzy concept, of promiscuous product. Be like: Box of T collect carefully, high-quality goods keeps safe of password of box, electron, mechanical safe is waited a moment. Can distinguish correctly from these nominally of safe and collect carefully box.
2, tear open above to pack, whether is examination product itself stuck have CCC sign, if stick those who have CCC sign, and not be the sort of forged CCC mark, that should be the safe on real significance. How does an issue that involves inside this discern correctly namely CCC mark, this safe knowledge that each problem is standing originally had had detailed introduction in one column.
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