How to distinguish correctly the difference of safe and custodial box
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Iron ark safe is wholesale the area is offerred for you how to distinguish correctly the difference of safe and custodial box, buy all wool and a yard wide safe product?

As consumer, we should distinguish how correctly the difference of safe and custodial box, and buy all wool and a yard wide safe product?
1, above all, from the distinction on the outer packing of the product, the safe that general and normal manufacturer produces kind the product can pack admiral product nominally to make clear designation to come out in the product, and won't sedulous fuzzy concept, of promiscuous product. Be like: Box of T collect carefully, high-quality goods keeps safe of password of box, electron, mechanical safe is waited a moment. Can distinguish correctly from these nominally of safe and collect carefully box.
2, tear open above to pack, whether is examination product itself stuck have CCC sign, if stick those who have CCC sign, and not be the sort of forged CCC mark, that should be the safe on real significance. How does an issue that involves inside this discern correctly namely CCC mark, this safe knowledge that each problem is standing originally had had detailed introduction in one column.
3, the exterior of microscope product, check the appearance of the product from charge for the making of sth. , a crack between a door and its frame joins degree, casing burnish is smooth, lock open circumstance, reach safety performance to wait a moment.
4, open a product, from plate thickness, distinguish on the ply of door plank especially, the safe product with better quality, the plate thickness of its door plank is not under 10mm, and be form by a whole armor plate, and want to compare under, the product with poorer quality, its plate thickness is very thin, and be likely spell those who close by two armor plate.
5, microscope box, the spring that sees all sides joins degree how, by armor plate one-time punch forms the casing of good safe, do not have aperture almost on four sides, had the first-rate property that prevent prize. At the same time light clap attacks casing, hear voice, the casing of good safe is comprised by full board completely, knock rises can have very ringing voice, and the product of some products is by inside and outside two very weak iron sheet are comprised, intermediate fill with silt, knock of this kind of case rises can give out very depressing noise.
When to pass above, we are OK the difference of basically correct divisional safe and safe, such our ability distinguish correctly the stand or fall of the product, buy content to exceed the product of a value thereby.