Electronic safe compares mechanical safe dominant position
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Iron ark safe is wholesale the area offers electronic safe to compare mechanical safe dominant position for you: Current, the safe that sells on the market (safe) , of 98% is electronic password lock, electronic password locks up safe (safe) already special now maturity stabilizes function, http://www.bj5198.com defends fault rate low, be close to Yu Ling.
1, mechanical password locks up safe (safe) cannot change a code, electronic password lock changes a code very convenient
2, electronic password lock takes warning function normally, mechanical password is done not have normally.
3, the password is defeated by a fault 3 times, forcibly knock, piquant move tilt to all can arise call the police. Call the police 1 after minute stop automatically.
4, most safe has warning function, but ark of the fire prevention that get treasure does not have warning function