The safe runs a system
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1 purpose reachs suitable scope
The 1.1 working order with safeguard company interior normal, ensure company worth and personnel are safe;
1.2 method apply to the safety administration of company departmental door;
2 management are organized
2.1 administration department is in charge of this method carry out;
3 management content
3.1 management principle: Enemy?ldquo; whose director the system of safety responsibility that who is in charge of ” manages by different levels principle; Company administration inspector general is in charge of the safety of the company defending the work; Administrative department regards the function of the company as the branch, daily safety guards responsible corporation interior government works; Departmental door manager is in charge of the safety of cadre door defending the work;
Duty of 3.2 each branches
Duty of 3.2.1 administration department
Each safety that carry out headquarters strictly to make are on guard administrative regulation, perfect safety is guarded be on guard constituent system, make daily safety manage detailed rules according to actual condition;
The branch of key crucial point of pairs of companies () take effective safeguard, the technology that significant to each position provides is on guard device (if have) undertake authorized, responsible technology is on guard equipment (if have) installation attestation;
System of post responsibility of the member that make security personnel, be in charge of signing the contract that concerns the member that invite staff of security personnel company or ensure public security,
The executive way that make concerned safety defend the work, to concerning safety the problem offers professional conclusion. Work to departmental door safety regularly provide guidance;
Case of the criminal that interior of pairs of companies produces, public security reports a case to the security authorities in time to public security mechanism, assist undertake investigating handling, to the economic bilk that happen, belongings embezzlement kind criminal case begins early days to investigate and report a case to the security authorities in time to public security mechanism cooperate reconnoiter;
The safety of interior of organizations company is checked, discover in time and eliminate safe hidden danger; make sure finance affairs takes the secure job that sends a money;
The safety when leader of responsible governments, important guest and foreign guest see a company defends the work;
Duty of 3.2.2 each branches
The safety that manager of each branches is cadre door defends working chief, the each regulations system that safety of responsible examination company defends fulfils a circumstance; who is in charge of to be in charge of according to “”principle, departmental door safety guards the member that chief appoints safety of a part-time job, be in charge of supervising, examination fire prevention, guard against theft, prevent the safety such as the accident to defend the work, ensure each safety of cadre door;
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