What use does family expenses safe have?
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There is the safe of series of a lot of family expenseses now, the function of the safe of family expenses series basically has the following:
1, the bullion headgear in depositing the home.
2, the cash of have enough to meet need in depositing the home.
3, those who deposit and so on of house property card, stock.
4, other a few valuable.
How to enter of build by laying bricks or stones mix inside the wall with expand screw secures two kinds of means, can be sure the tool of gas cutting less than, average thief is opened without method at all. The prevailing prices on the market is in now 500-1000 yuan, very substantial. To decorating for, these hundreds of money are chopped a little on other chop valence to come out. In case the patronage with true thief, had safe to be able to avoid many losses. Become be a valuable to deposit a drawer usually, anyway not expensive also, such, search easily, time grew to also won't forget.