Had done " three-layer guard against theft " teach you little knowledge of house
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The square field surface that lives in guard against theft to involve living village environment and consciousness of guard against theft of living condition, personnel, as a whole, do good household guard against theft to must do ” of guard against theft of good “ three-layer, live in unit of village guard against theft, household to reach an a guard against theft, household namely indoor guard against theft.

Want to do good household guard against theft to must accomplish people's air defense and equipment to prevent photograph union, basically should note the following respects:

1. Cooperate the management of administrator of village security personnel actively, cherish establishment of all sorts of guard against theft inside the village self-consciously at the same time, discrepancy is communal door of guard against theft wants conveniently to close, do not lend a friend the key of door of communal guard against theft, do not be the door of person open guard against theft that does not know casually.

2. Mouth of each doors of household, window, vent, air conditioning wants to often be checked, attaint of window, door should change in time, discrepancy door conveniently closes lock door, door lock damages or the key has lose should change in time. Doorcase door body is divided beautiful outside, notice even solid, a crack between a door and its frame is sealed, the door body of place of lock of fixed lock body, doorcase is strong.

3. Indoor guard against theft must be accomplished do not deposit a good deal of ready money in the home, do not install a safe at will in the home, door of indoor door, cupboard goes out want lock. If indoor guard against theft calls the police system, when the person leaves, want to be opened in time, want to examine warning apparatus cell in time at ordinary times, at any time test and verify its whether regular job