The actor of all sorts of codes that common safe uses, defect
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Common insurance bin is compared on market at present kind in the product, common adoption code has: The subclass of enginery, report, type that brush card, dactylogram kind already box of remote control password is waited a moment, and use more still is a few sort in front model, different password type analyses its actor defect below:

Mechanical password is stabler, durable, and do not need power supply. But operation method learns to rise inconvenience of slower, operation, modification password needs professional.

Electronic password is had operate fast, modification password to wait for an advantage simplier at will. Though a few this years the price of electronic password lock fell, quality also rose, but because compare complex, so stability and durable sex are inferior to mechanical password.

The bank card that lock blocking type can use him comes the door of safe, but taller to IC card requirement, if mix,the thing of strong magnetism is put piece, bad to was used!

Dactylogram is found very hard on this world same, use dactylogram identifying technology to safe so, confidential sex is strong, use easily. Nevertheless the dry humidity of adversary asks to father quite! The identifying of the position that puts to finger is more inflexible also! It is same finger, if be defeated before with the position that before opening the door, puts different, possible meeting identifies failure!