The utility of safe ark
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One, the choice of comparatively well-off family, the need of happy family
1, the placement of important file and valuable. Like contracted, contract, be born card of card, certificate of record of formal schooling, house property, notarial deed, avoid to be less than because of be placed in disorder and searching when need.
2, place a few meet an urgent need or money of till, souvenir, precious collect or very private watch of the goods that turn, stamp, coin, antique, headgear, gem, gold.
3, place private article, the individual is special things, unfavorable other sees article wait.
4, the article that places A-certificate contact, medicines and chemical reagents, danger is tasted (like the gun) , adult things.
  5, contemporary household illuminative turns a tide without the lock, social life is increasingly frequent, the circumstance that foreign hired worker often asks in the home falls to need more.

2, be used extensively in …… of machine of travel of business affairs office, bank, government, public security, hotel, gas station, gem, postal service hall, ATM, counter, bazaar, supermarket